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When you bike a lot, a certain wear and tear can’t be avoided. Therefore, we offer perfect all-round care for you and your bike with a high-professional bike service.

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Everything runs smoothly – here some facts, how your bike works fluently: the shifting system must work smoothly in order to switch between gears trouble-free, all movable parts must be well-oiled, you shouldn’t hear any cracking or clicking noises, the brakes need to slow down you in steps and they mustn’t decelerate too abruptly, the brake shoes need to be controlled and the suspension fork shouldn’t be too hard but bouncing. You get everything done when you get your bike serviced at Gumpold’s Mountain Sports shop. Your bike thanks you with a super performance.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q : Regularly?

You have to decide how often your bike should get serviced. One thing’s for sure: during each trip, the performance of your bike is extremely high, therefore, it deserves a regular service. So keep eyes and ears open and check your bike after each tour, if there are audible or visible defects – then you’re on the safe side.

Q : What gets done?

Firstly, we fix the obvious defects. Secondly, your bike gets fit again. We take a close look at shifting system, brake system, screws, cables, suspension fork, wheels, lighting system, tyres, reflectors and the chain. Is anything that needs to be replaced or is there a greater repair work to be done, we inform you and get your OK.

Q : How long?

This depends on your desires – it makes a difference, if you need a standard service or if there’s a greater repair work to be done. Take your bike to our workshop and we coordinate the service with your desires in order to get your bike as fast as possible ready. Soon you’re on the trails again.

Q : Ergonomic?

Have you ever asked yourself, if you really have the right sitting position on your saddle, or have you ever felt back and nape pain while biking? Have your hands ever got numb? Then it’s high time for ergonomic improvements: a more comfortable saddle, higher handlebar and other tricks, which make biking much easier.

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